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Intelligent security system for offshore platform

Intelligent security system for offshore platform

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  • Release time:2022-03-21 17:53:01
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"Most of the offshore platforms have been under the threat of security accidents seriously because of the increasement in the number of platform, high density of marine engineering equipment and veseels and the sea fishing industry. The production environment is much more dangerous of the offshore oil and gas field exploration itself. The closure of platform production will have economic impact,even affect marine environment and ecological environment, fishery, tourism, etc.,

Intelligent security system for offshore platform, completely independent research and development by Soteria with patents and software copyright, can accomplish vessels intelligent identification, the superposition of AIS information and radar target and fusion. The system can provide 7 * 24 hours for offshore platform against the invasion of safety protection with improved system reliability and lower false alarm information. The system integrates oil spill monitoring module to provide oil spill detection and alarm function at the same time.

The system has been successfully applied to several operating platforms of CNOOC in various sea areas. It is an independent home-made sea surface security and intrusion prevention system with wide application and reliable operation effect."


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