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Soteria Intelligent Safety&Security Management System

Soteria Intelligent Safety&Security Management System

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  • Release time:2022-03-22 18:13:57
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With the rapid development of AI algorithms and the maturity of the hardware foundation in recent years, the mature application of AI algorithms in various fields has become a reality. Now, in high-definition imaging equipment, the optimization and evolution of AI algorithms, and the continuous improvement of hardware performance In the context of AI algorithms, the technology to manage industrial production and avoid illegal operations has been realized. The system is based on video image intelligent AI technology, remote industrial infrared thermal imaging image automatic identification technology, ultraviolet fluorescence oil film spectrum analysis technology, AIS ship automatic identification technology and radar ARPA automatic mapping technology to realize intelligent monitoring including offshore oil and gas platforms/FPSO safety equipment, Intelligent personnel management such as personnel identification, trajectory positioning, personnel safety wearing and safety behavior monitoring, electronic fences in safe areas, security of the surrounding waters of the platform, anti-intrusion and anti-boarding of the platform, oil spill detection system and other comprehensive functions. An integrated atopic intelligent security information system.

System Block Diagram:

The main function:

● Accurate face recognition, personnel trajectory tracking and playback;

● electric fence;

● Safety equipment and safety behavior identification;

● Personnel database and authority management;

● Exercise simulation statistics;

● staff allocation;

● Multi-site networking;

System Features:

● Integrated internal and external security monitoring

● Multi-sensor data fusion for more accurate identification

● Software module design, flexible tailoring

● Hardware equipment can make full use of old

● Fast lock without sensory recognition, better experience


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