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What technologies are mainly used in intelligent security systems?

2022-03-22 10:05:35

With the continuous growth of my country's economy, people's income is getting higher and higher, and the material living standard has made a qualitative leap compared with before the reform and opening up. If the material conditions are better, naturally, they are no longer satisfied with the living environment of the past. People pay more attention to personal and property safety, and put forward higher requirements for the security of companies, communities and families. However, the rapid development of cities will bring about an increase in the floating population, which will make social security face greater challenges. Therefore, the popularity of intelligent security can be said to be the general trend, and will be more and more widely used in the future. The technologies used in the current intelligent security system are as follows:

1. Big data

When it comes to big data, you will definitely not feel unfamiliar. In recent years, big data has been widely used in all aspects of people's lives, and the application in intelligent security is to collect massive video data from communities, communities and other building groups for analysis. processing, to dig out useful information. 2. Visualization technology

Visualization technology has become more and more mature. In community construction, videolinking technology is mainly used to achieve full real-time, full HD two-way interaction; video analysis technology is also used, and illegal rules are preset in different scenarios. If there is a violation in the scene, the system will issue a warning, so that security personnel can take timely measures; there is also the facial recognition system that can be seen often, which no longer requires a door card. Just "swipe your face" to enter the community. The owner is convenient to enter and exit, and it can also effectively prevent strangers from entering and leaving the community, effectively strengthening community safety management.

People's future life is inseparable from the intelligent security system, and at the same time, it is inseparable from its core technology - facial recognition.



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