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Public Address & General Alarm Systems(PA/GA)

Public Address & General Alarm Systems(PA/GA)

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  • Release time:2022-03-21 18:38:21
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"PAGA system is designed principally for life critical installations in the Oil and Gas market including Oil & Gas Platforms, FPSOs, Power Stations & Oil Refineries, Chemical Plants & Industrial Complexes, it is also suitable for many industrial communications requirements.The equipment is specifically and fundamentally designed for failsafe operation, with extensive system and fault status monitoring for maximum availability at all times.In addition to general paging and emergency broadcasts, alarms can be automatically initiated, e.g. from fire and gas alarm and emergency shut down systems. Alarm tones or pre-recorded digital voice evacuation messages can be broadcast.


● Fully duplicated, redundant or single configuration

● Up to 64 programmable audio zones

● Multiple hot standby power amplifiers

● Up to 16 fully monitored & feature rich programmable access panels

● Two audio paths for simultaneous broadcasting requirements, in accordance with IEC 60849

● Ultrasonic loudspeaker network monitoring"


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