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Explosion Proof Status Light Beacon

Explosion Proof Status Light Beacon

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  • Release time:2022-03-15 17:09:58
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ExLB series explosion proof status light beacon is suitable for mobile or fixed marine applications, such as various ships, oil & gas platforms and onshore chemical industries. The explosion proof status light beacon meets the explosion proof requirements of IECEx and ATEX, and can be used solely or in combination to provide alarm/status indication in industrial sites.


● AC or DC power supply● 316L stainless steel housing
● Stable and reliable LED green light source● LED protection prevents single fault from affecting the other LEDs
● Dual-drive and circuit breaker protection greatly improve the reliability of the green light● Cascaded lights
● After the xenon lamp is powered off, the high voltage is released to a safe voltage immediately to ensure the safety of operators.

Technical Parameters:

■ Certification

Ambient temperature

Ex-mark:CQCEx 17.0110X   Ex d IIC T6 Gb
-40℃ ~ 60℃
Zone:Zone 1, Zone 2

■ Physical properties

Material:316L steel
Light color:Please refer to the ordering information for details
Mounting parts material:316L stainless steel
Ingress protection:IP66
Cable entry *:M25×3
Weight:≤5.1kg(Single light) ≤23kg(4 lights)

■ Electrical properties

Flashing rate:LED:Normally on,Xenon:60/80/120flashes/min
Rated power:LED:<10W,Xenon: 5J / 10J / 15J
Effective light intensity:LED:113 cd,Xenon: 5J:250 cd / 10J:500 cd / 15J:750 cd 
Power supply:220Vac / 24Vdc
LifespanLED:LED:>80,000 hours,Xenon:>1×10^6flashes
Communication *:RS485/422

* Glands and plugs are optional accessories according to user needs



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