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Pipeline Leak Realtime monitoring system

Pipeline Leak Realtime monitoring system

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"Ultrosonic leak detection technology is based on the effective combination of hardware and software testing technology. The leakage acoustic waves can be transmited along the tube wall and the medium inside the tube very fast.Through leakage acoustic physical properties and the statistical database based on a large number of voiceprint recognition technology, the system can be real-time monitoring of pipeline leak or theft, and quickly locate the leak point as well. It provides effective means to minimize economic losses, maintain pipeline safety, reduce environmental pollution and derive secondary disasters. Compared with other leakage detection methods, the system has many advantages such as quick response, accurate location of leakage point, meeting the needs of single/multiphase flow pipeline leak detection, automatic operation of large database and easy maintenance.

The ultrosonic leak detection system, which we provides integrated and technical services, has been successfully applied in the 59km submarine long-distance pipeline from Kenli 3-2 Platform to Dongying Crude oil Terminal Plant. Regular maintenance and discharge tests have been carried out since 2018 to ensure the good operation of the system."


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