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Pipeline Leak Real-time monitoring system

Pipeline Leak Real-time monitoring system

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  • Release time:2022-03-21 18:36:46
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"As a new method available for Oil, Gas and multiphase flow pipelines leak detection, acoustic leak detection system can detect and locate the leak and theft event real time. Based on the acoustic propogation characteristic through the Pipeline shell and the fluid, combined with the acoustic data model and statistics, the acoustic leak detection system provide an effective method to maintain the safty operation, reduce the environmental pollution and secondary disaster. 


● Designed for all operating conditionsconditions (steady state, transient, and shut-in flow conditions) ;● Leak detection and location in 30s;
● A system (with proven records) which is extremely easy to use, does NOT require operator/engineer intervention ● Real-time online leak monitoring and alarm;
● Over 20years experience, patented technologyWith GPS time stamp, accurate data synchronization"


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