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Technical application of intelligent security system

2022-03-22 10:02:53

Intelligent security system is an important technical means to implement security control. Under the current situation of expanding security demand, its application in the field of security technology is becoming more and more extensive. The security system used mainly relies on human visual judgment, and lacks intelligent analysis of video content.

An intelligent security system can be simply understood as a technical system for accurate and selective operation of image transmission and storage, data storage and processing. As far as the intelligent security system is concerned, a complete intelligent security system mainly includes three parts: access control, alarm and monitoring. The big difference between intelligent security and traditional security is intelligence. my country's security industry has developed rapidly and is relatively popular, but traditional security is more dependent on people and is very labor-intensive. It is possible to achieve what one wants to do.

The role of intelligent video analysis technology in the security system is equivalent to an alarm detector, similar to infrared, electromagnetic induction, smoke detectors and other detectors, providing alarm information for abnormal events for the security system. However, this is an alarm detector with analytical thinking ability. It makes full use of the computing power of computers and intelligent analysis algorithms to filter out a large amount of information that causes false alarms to improve the accuracy. Through behavior analysis, the triggering conditions of alarm events are more diversified. More humanized and more intelligent, enabling real-time monitoring and alarming of more events. At the same time, the content of alarm information provided by it is also more abundant.

The security system that utilizes the alarm information provided by the intelligent video analysis technology is called an intelligent security system. Due to the image recognition characteristics of intelligent analysis, it will be closely integrated with the monitoring system in the security system, and the intelligent monitoring system is also a mature system for intelligent analysis applications in the security system. That is to say, there are two development directions for the application of intelligent analysis technology in security systems. One is to continuously improve the analysis technology to provide more accurate and richer alarm results; Intelligently apply the alarm results of intelligent analysis to the security system.


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