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What are the factors that affect the service life of the explosion-proof status indicator?

2022-04-07 17:25:33

Explosion-proof status indicator is a kind of explosion-proof lamp, and it is also an energy-saving explosion-proof lamp. It is widely used in oil fields, power plants, chemical plants, petroleum and other industries. So when you want to extend the service life of explosion-proof lamps, what factors should you pay attention to?

Wick quality

In the manufacturing process of LED chips, the contamination of other impurity ions, lattice defects and other processes will affect their lifespan, so the use of high-quality LED wicks is the primary condition.

lighting design

In addition to satisfying other indicators of the luminaire, a key issue in a reasonable luminaire design is to dissipate the heat generated when the LED is lit. For the integrated light source lamps currently on the market (single 30 W, 50 W, 100 W), the light source of these products is not well dissipated in the contact part with the heat dissipation channel, resulting in some products leading to light decay after 1-3 months of lighting More than 50%, after some products use a small power tube of about 0.07 W, because there is no reasonable heat dissipation mechanism, the light decay is very fast. Therefore, choosing a reasonable lamp design is a key factor in maintaining the life of explosion-proof lamps.

Lamp power supply

Whether the power supply of lamps and lanterns is reasonable will also affect their lifespan. Because LED is a current-driven device, if the power supply current fluctuates greatly, or the frequency of power supply spikes is high, it will affect the life of the LED light source. The life of the power supply itself mainly depends on whether the power supply design is reasonable. Under the premise of reasonable power supply design, the life of the power supply depends on the life of the components.

ambient temperature

Now the short life of LED lamps is mainly due to the short life of the power supply, and the short life of the power supply is due to the short life of electrolytic capacitors. Another feature of the life indicator of electrolytic capacitors is that it must indicate the life under the operating ambient temperature of how many degrees, and it is usually specified as the life under the ambient temperature of 105 °C. The lower the ambient temperature, the longer the life of the capacitor. Even an ordinary electrolytic capacitor with a lifespan of 1,000 hours can reach a lifespan of 64,000 hours at an ambient temperature of 45°C, which is enough for an ordinary LED lamp with a nominal 50,000 hours. .

Precautions for use of explosion-proof status indicator

1. Before the lamps are put into use, the internal and external grounding must be firm and the user's on-site grounding system must be connected.

2. When introducing the sealing ring of the device, it is necessary to ensure its reliable compression and clamp the cable.

3. The use of blocking plates and compression nuts to reliably seal the unnecessary inlets on the lamps, so that the explosion-proof and protection level performance is guaranteed to be intact.

4. The explosion-proof lamp is almost empty when it leaves the factory, and it needs to be fully charged before it can be used normally.

5. When installing and maintaining lamps, remember not to open them with electricity.

6. Regularly check the sealing surface. If the aging phenomenon is found during the inspection, the lamps should be replaced in time. The model, specification, size and performance of the light source, parts and electrical components after repair and replacement should be exactly the same as the light source, parts and electrical components before the repair and replacement.


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