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How to choose the right aviation obstruction light?

2022-04-15 16:41:59

How to choose the right aviation obstruction light? Nanjing Xuhang will introduce to you that to choose the right aviation obstruction light, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Select the appropriate aviation obstruction lights according to the height of the building.

Aviation obstruction lights are generally divided into three types: low light intensity, medium light intensity and high light intensity. Aviation obstruction lights with different light intensities can be selected according to different heights.

1. Below 45 meters above the ground, low-intensity aviation obstruction lights should be set up in open areas around them, always bright red.

2. Buildings and their facilities above 45 meters above the ground and below 105 meters: use medium-intensity B-type aviation obstruction lights as red flashing lights, the flashing frequency should be between 20-60 times per minute, and the effective light intensity should be 2000cd±25% .

3. Use medium-intensity A-type aviation obstruction lights 105 meters above the ground and below 150 meters; white flashing, effective light intensity (2000-20000cd) ± 25%.

4. Buildings and their facilities above 150 meters above the ground use high-intensity obstacle signs and must be white flashing lights. The flashing frequency should be between 20-70 times per minute. The effective light intensity depends on the brightness of the background. Work 24 hours a day .

It should be noted here that when the vertical and horizontal distance of the building is greater than 45 meters, the aviation obstruction lights of the three light intensities can be used in conjunction with each other.

Low-intensity obstacle lights are constant light, red, and have a peak light intensity greater than 32.5cd. Generally, they are not used alone, but must be used in conjunction with medium-intensity and high-intensity obstacle lights.

2. Look at the basic parameters of aviation obstruction lights

Every aviation obstruction light manual will have basic parameters, mainly to describe the basic conditions of the obstruction lights. Although the parameters are a bit too difficult for us to understand, some basic parameters still need to be understood, such as waterproof level, Dust level, impact resistance, working temperature, etc., the quality of aviation lights can be judged according to these simple parameters.

3. Choose a regular aviation obstruction light manufacturer

Aviation obstruction lights have very high production requirements for factories. Not only the production process must be checked by strict standards, but also the technical problems in the production process of aviation lights must be solved. Therefore, not only aviation light manufacturers are required to have production strength, but also There must be a technical team that develops and produces obstruction lights. Aviation obstruction lights, from the start of production to the appropriate ones, firstly, we need to work hard on the selection of materials, secondly, we must implement strict production standards, and we need an advanced R&D team to solve technical problems. Therefore, this is not an ordinary small It can be produced by the small workshop of the manufacturer. When we choose aviation obstruction light manufacturers, we must keep our eyes open, carefully check the manufacturer's business license, or go to the company's official website to find out whether the manufacturer is legitimate.


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